Before you add or change anything, please read what is already there. Often what looks like a new pattern is already mentioned as solution by another pattern, so you can best update it there.

If you are looking for a particular word or phrase, use the Search box in the left-hand navigation panel - you might find that what you are thinking of has already been described but under a different name or title.

When you add your experiences, please include your name so that we can acknowledge your contribution. You can also put a footnote on the issues or patterns you add if you wish.

If there is an issue or pattern that you think is missing, send an email to us about it ( srttgmb _at_ and/or
info _at_ ). We can let you know if we have it by a different name than you were thinking of (which would be useful for us to know), or we might ask you for more information (see the Templates for the headings we would use to add it). You can also add a new issue or pattern yourself if you want to (see below).

A request:
If you use some of our contents, please don't forget to reference where you got it! (Test Automation Patterns Wiki by Seretta Gamba and Dorothy Graham)

How to add a new issue or pattern:
If you would like to add a new issue or pattern to the wiki yourself, first go to the relevant Template (Issue Template or Pattern Template) and copy the whole contents of the page. When you create a new page, copy this into the page and then edit it.

You need to decide what category this issue or pattern fits into from the list of 4 existing ones. Don't forget to delete the categories that this issue or pattern is NOT in.

Please follow the rules below (which the templates will help you with):
  • Issue names are written in ITALICS CAPS
  • Pattern names are written in CAPS, failure patterns are marked as a "Failure pattern"
  • Issue or pattern names can be catchy, but should be able to give even test automation newbies a general idea of what they imply
  • Please use the current font size (16)
  • Issues should list at least one resolving pattern
  • Patterns should list at least one issue that they help to solve. This is not necessary for patterns that are only used by other patterns
  • Any issues or patterns listed in your new page should be linked to the relevant page (using "insert link" icon on the edit bar)
  • After you have saved your new page, you need to edit a few more links:
    • Edit the list of issues or patterns in the relevant category to add your new one (in alphabetical order). Include the short description in the 2nd column (name in the 1st)
    • Each of the pages that you have linked to (resolving patterns for your issue or issues resolved by your pattern) should also have a link added to the new issue or pattern.
  • And please don't forget to test the links! ;-))

After you have added an issue or a pattern we will check it and update the related mind maps. If this all seems a bit too daunting, we can do the linking once we are aware of the new page(s).

Thank You