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August 2017 - totally new to automation - so where do I begin? :(

February 2014: Bob Read (in reply to the survey on test automation patterns), says:

Hey Dorothy, been reading through the Test Automation Patterns WiKi and it's been an inspiration for me to start using automation to test some of our software. I've not added anything yet to the site, but as I learn and experience more, I will. Thanks again! Bob

Nov 2013: Ron Werner (rawnell) joined. Thanks for letting me in. Just realized with surprise these are real patterns - just as in the book "Fearless Change" by Manns/Rising (which I recommend). Diving in at the deep end now and will let you (Dot and Seretta) know how it goes!

August 2013: David Ramsay (daver22): Just thought I would point out that the presentation on an iPad is totally different to that on a (Mac) or PC probably in a non-mobile browser. Additionally should the mind map not be a live method of jumping to areas of interest rather than a static map?
---Dot: Thanks Dave - yes I had noticed that there is no navigation bar on the left on my iPad mini - I asked the wiki people about it and they are still working on their tablet version. However, you can click on the bottom right "..." and it then brings up the navigation bar (only), click again to toggle back.
Yes, it would be great to have the mindmap be live links, but we don't know how to do that either - Seretta loads the mindmaps as jpeg images to the wiki, we can't make mindmaps in the wiki directly. We would be delighted to find out if and how we could make them into a mindmap of links!

July 2013: Jon Hagar of the US: well, I am still reading, but will try to bring some other software domains to the pattern party. We'll see. There is a lot of water to boil.

May 2013: "Thank you so much for the invitation! I am excited to join the test automation patterns wiki, and learn from the experiences of others as well as contribute some of ours. From what I see after a first quick tour of the site, you have identified an impressive variety of issues and patterns already. Sitting down now to assess how our test automation experience fits in with the existing categories, and where we may be able to expand on topics…"
Frank Urzynicok

May 2013: Alberto Savolet from Brazil would like to bring his automation/test team to the wiki - welcome